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About Us

Livid Productions Inc. are a not for profit community theatre company based in Wodonga.


Livid Productions was founded in 2006 when LIz Kolisnyk & DaVID Todd  joined forces to put together a fundraiser for the Albury City Band.


The show was such a success; they decided to create a local Theatre Company to serve two purposes. One, to raise much needed funds for Border Community based organisations and two, to foster, cultivate and stimulate the Border Theatre Scene.


The name was born from merging both LIz and DaVID's name.

Combining both of their many years of experience and involvement in amateur theatre, a production team was assembled; bringing many talented, and local, individuals together to combine their experience, imagination, open-mindedness and enthusiasm.


The team at Livid Productions work closely together on the planning, moulding and the casting of their shows. This has seen many successful productions come to life in Albury/Wodonga and has only enhanced Livid’s reputation for producing great local theatre, showcasing local talent.


We are also very lucky to have some of the best musicians on the Border, many who have been involved in nearly all of our productions, dedicating their time and hard work to produce wonderful music for our Musical Theatre.


We at Livid believe we have something very special within our production team. We are so proud of what we have created together and have been able to achieve in delighting and dazzling our audiences. We are also very proud of our fundraising and awareness efforts for local organisations.


Local Amateur Theatre would not be possible if it wasn't for everyone that contributes their time or contributes with very generous help and donations. We thank you all.


We have so much more to do…………. And we can’t wait :)

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